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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Girls Self Esteem Project

UK based Zimbabwean girls at PHOEBE Centre youth camp in NorfolkUK based Zimbabwean girls at PHOEBE Centre youth camp in Norfolk

Girls Self Esteem Project

This group is based in Harare, Zimbabwe and invites all girls to join. 

Checkout the fliers for more details:
Theater Making and Performance
  For girls and young women aged between 16 to 25.

 Social Media Savvy
   A Social Media Workshop For all Young Women

Creative Connections
   A fun therapeutic arts group for girls
Food of Love Cookery Project



Mrs Janet Chota, Qualified Clinical psychologist
attached to PHOEBE Women’s Centre is passionate
about building healthy young minds.

What is self esteem?

           "I have always struggled with the way I handle myself in many different occasions. I feel crippled, even when I have prepared well in advance. I know I have to say my opinion and even good answers sometimes but I don’t, next thing some-else says EXACTLY what I wanted to say and I am like ‘that’s EXACTLY what I wanted to say and was going to add this to make it even better (to myself of course they cannot hear this). Does this ring a bell! Well! you not alone and definitely you can’t go on like this. Until I came across this word “SELF ESTEEM” I had concluded I am in a different world for life. I know I am capable of many big things and ideas starting from my class and even at the school grounds but I seem to not have the confidence in these capabilities and I end up never satisfied hence sad. I can run but maybe not like Jane, sing, dance, narrate a story and even crack jokes but not like Jane. Why do I always doubt myself?"
Well if you relate to this and more check out this word SELF –ESTEEM which refers to a person’s overall sense of worth, YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOURSELF. Thank God because it can be measured and the best part IMPROVED. P.H.O.E.B.E. Zimbabwe, passionate about empowering the women in our society is running sessions on self esteem on different age groups. Sign up and get to know yourself better and work on improving your healthy sense of self esteem.

Website  : www.phoebecente.org.uk/zimbabwe
Contact   :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Phone     : 00-263-492223|0776425038  
Venue     : 136 Coronation Avenue,Greendale,Harare


Feedback From UK Young People
Great Company- In all situations I have come to an understanding that ‘It doesn’t matter where, as long as you’re in the company of amazing people (or one person) then the whole experience is worthwhile.’ Luckily for me I got both a fantastic venue and great people! Good company can be a great source of help and support to leading a righteous life. I met some amazing people during my time at the residential. We had youth groups from Norwich and Ipswich so it was a great mix, some of them my age, so we were bonding over our A- level struggles. It was a refreshing experience being away from the noises of the town and being away from the same daily experiences. You know that feeling in your stomach when you don’t want to go home after a great holiday? Yeah that gut sadness? I felt that. We all felt that. I can truly say that I made some lifelong friends during that stay. Friendships I had before we went to the woodlands were strengthened and knew one were built. I cannot express my sincerest gratitude to the PHOEBE CENTRE and Zimbabwe Youth Project (ZYP) for giving us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves in a safe environment. It was an experience I still talk about today. This charity organisation has the youth at its heart it I really appreciate that.
Looking forward to going on more trips!

'A Helper of Many'

19, Tower Street

Citizen Advice Bureau Building

Ipswich, Suffolk



Telephone— 00 44 1473 231566