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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Albinism Organisation

Alive Albinism Initiative


Africa,is mostly a black populated continent and giving birth to a white child,causes confusion,mistrust and in the search of cause,superstitious beliefs.Thus people with alibinism, are stigmatized, and seen as outcasts. More painfully, are ashamed of us and consequently and the society cannot embrace us.


In pursuit of super powers and get rich schems women with alibinism are raped under priscription from bogus faith healers and prophets. Increasingly the same bogus faith healers are it again advising people infected with HIV and AIDS that they can be "cleansed" from this condition once they sleep with a women with albinism. This has been an increase in women with alibinism being sexually abused.


Vision: To see people with Albinism rise and compete in this race of life.


Mission: To empower people with albinism so that they can become ambassadors against intolerance and also to change the mindset of the society towards albinism.


Objectives: To fight stigma and isolation, create awareness and change the mindset of the society on alibinism in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world.

Key Objectives:/p>


Transformation: Economically help empower people with albinism and tranform their lives.


Sensitization: Hold a awarness campaign programs aimed at educating the nation on albinism.


Lobbying: Engage relevant authorities to promote and avail equal oppurtunities for people with albinism.


Key milestones: Establishment of support groups in the in all provinces.


Systematic training for effective parenting.

Councelling of people with albinism,their families and associates.

National Schools Essay Competition on Albinism.

Life-skills training for the youth.

HIV/AIDS awarness and management programs.


ALBINISM DAY: June 13 has been set aside by the United Nations as the INTERNATIONAL ALBINISM AWARENESS DAY. Members celebrate with sunglasses received from Howard Payne, Vision Aid Overseas, who donated 450 glasses.

'A Helper of Many'

19, Tower Street

Citizen Advice Bureau Building

Ipswich, Suffolk



Telephone— 00 44 1473 231566