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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Chiyubunuzyo Tools

Phoebe is supporting Chyubunuzyo Project.We Donated kits and tools in June 2015.

Chiyubunuzyo Arts & Culture Association is in the drive of empowering its members from thecommunity of Simchembu and Nenyunga Wards through the acquisition of basic tools forsustainable projects. Club members from five wards comprising the able and disabled have obtaineda wider opportunity to start their own projects. Currently, we received tools from our partner organization PHOEBE in UK which have currently covered more than 15 enterprises. This hastotalized to 23 clubs in entrepreneurship projects together with those started in 2013. This programis an on going program meant to serve disadvantaged people in the Province.Membership qualification requires someone talented in art, dance, music, culture mentor,comedian, sport, etc. in line with arts disciplines. Subscription Fee $2.00 which is paid annually.Application of tools requires Shipment Fee which determines the quantity of tools needed by theapplicant. These tools include: educational books, carpentry, metal work, sewing, gardening,engineering, shoe-making, building, plumbing, sports kits, toys and many more upon request.

There were only two schools applied last year who received educational books forsecondary schools. They received 70 boxes of books worthy more than $10,000-00, theyhowever paid shipment fee of US$950-00. The books comprise Mathematics, Geography,Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Science, Dictionaries, Literature, and Bible. Extra boxes ofpens for school children where among the delivery. During the launch of ‘Tools With A Mission’ programme in schools, 10 school-heads shared the relevant books with launch of ‘Tools With A Mission’ programme in schools, 10 school-heads shared the relevant books withChiyubunuzyo Arts & Culture Association Team during its Ward School Meetings in 2013.They insisted that pre-payment is not recognized under the Ministry’s policy. They recognize payment upon receipt. However, all schools in the District are open to partner and maketheir own requests starting from January – November every year.

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