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Boosting Self -esteem

Girls change enormously during adolescence and sometimes self-esteem can suffer. Developing good habits, worrying less about comparing ourselves to others girls and positive body talk can help boost
our self-esteem. Some ways in which we can achieve this is through:

  • Healthy conversations about our bodies and the ways that they are changing

  • Being attuned to the changes and ‘understanding what’s going on’ – we can talk to mums, dads, sisters, friends or a teacher you trust

  • Focusing on who we are as an individual and why we are special and unique in our appearance, background, likes/dislikes and relationships

  • Positive relationships with parents, siblings and friends

Be proud to be different

Be confident to be who you are. As you get older your personal style will change as well as your body and appearance. Taking control of your own look and experimenting with what works for you can be positive for your self-esteem as you express your individuality. Value your ideas – they are yours and they are individual!
  Help to understand the key issues and tackle low body confidenceHelp to understand the key issues and tackle low body confidence
Beauty is not just on the outside

In a world where appearances sometimes seem to matter more than anything else, it can be hard to shift our attention to how we look on the outside, to what an amazing person we are on the inside. Appreciating our outer beauty is important, but no more so than recognising and valuing the other elements that make us special. It is important to remember that we have many other qualities beyond our looks and that measuring our worth by competing and comparing looks doesn’t promote positive self-esteem.

Tip: identify things about yourself other than looks that you like or are proud of. Or compliment a friend or sister on something beautiful about her that isn’t related to the way she looks or ask someone you trust to identify something beautiful about you that isn’t related to the way you look.

Thinking about what we admire in others that isn’t related to looks can help us identify beauty in ourselves beyond the surface level.

Positive body talk:

Talking and thinking positively about ourselves will help us feel more confident and beautiful in every aspect. The words we choose to use when talking about our bodies can damage our self-esteem, but happily, they can also improve it. By focusing less on weight and body shape in your conversations, greetings and compliments, you can break the habit of reinforcing beauty stereotypes.

It is vital that we learn to love our body as it is the only one we are going to get! Appreciate your body for what it can do; not what is cant, or doesn’t. Also remember that the way we talk about others counts to. Don’t criticise how other people look, it is not nice and we all know how awful it feels when someone says nasty things about the way we look or dress, our families, culture and even choice of friends. It also only reinforces this negative stereotyping in ourselves.

Tip: Take a body inventory and think of a replacement positive statement for every negative word you usually speak.

Are you experiencing low self-esteem or have an interest in the topic? 
Come along to our self-esteem workshops delivered in the Ipswich community. Please click here to find out more information and to register or contact PHOEBE directly on 01473 231566

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