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Family,Friends and Relationships

How are your relationships with family and friends linked to your self-esteem? 

The impact of low self-esteem on your life can be significant and you may find that all areas of your life are affected in some way and confirm your core belief that you are of little value. Many people with low self-esteem can find themselves forming damaging relationships as they do not feel they deserve to be treated with love and respect, and as a result, many individuals allow friends or future partners to take advantage of them and control them. 

As you develop your sense of self in the world, the relationships you have with your close family members and your friends will influence your sense of self-worth. You will learn ideas, values and beliefs from your parents and they will contribute towards you developing healthy and positive behaviours.


Individuals with low self-esteem can find it difficult to hear criticism and may be overly-sensitive and upset very easily. They can therefore, stay away from activities that can expose them to any type of judgement, leaving them feeling isolated and frustrated. Equally, it is easy, as a teenager, when going through emotional changes, to become sensitive to people’s opinions and take compliments from friends and family in the wrong way. It is completing normal for you to misunderstand what a friend means when giving a compliment about your appearance and this may leave you feeling anxious and confused.

 Helping girls to raise their self esteem and realise their potential.Helping girls to raise their self esteem and realise their potential.


Tip: Help you and your friend or daughter to recognise when someone is giving a compliment.
Watch the video provided online by Dove on ‘Cracking Compliments’ to help one another see how comments about the way you look can be misinterpreted.


Friends, Beauty and Self-Esteem

If you have low self-esteem, there might be people close to you that encourage the negative beliefs and opinions that you hold. It is important to identify these people and take action to stop them from doing this, perhaps by becoming more assertive or by limiting the amount you see them. Try to associate with people who will not criticise you, and instead spend time with those who you are able to talk about your feelings with and who encourage you to celebrate your individuality and uniqueness.

Why don't we appreciate ourselves

Women tend to easily find things they admire in other people whether it’s in our friends, family or women we see in the media. However, we rarely see or talk about things we love about ourselves, with only 4% of women believing they are beautiful, as identified in Dove’s Global piece of research, ‘The Real Truth about Beauty: Revisited’.
It is important to remember that each of us is a unique individual and constantly comparing ourselves to our friends and others around us, creates an impossible ideal of beauty; one we could never achieve or live up to.

Tip: Help you and a friend identify something beautiful about yourself. With a friend, name three things you find beautiful about her, not necessarily her physical appearance, and then do the same for yourself. Receiving compliments can boost your self-esteem and next time you go to compare yourself to others or are tough on how you look, remember back to the compliments your friend gave you.
Watch online a ‘friends’ video provided by Dove:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXnk6QcD7wM

Remember Though

No-one is happy all the time and having high self-esteem does not mean you will always feel confident about work or have successful relationships. However, good emotional health and positive self-esteem contribute towards happiness. If your core belief about yourself is mainly positive and you learn to love yourself, your ability to cope with challenges will be much better.

Are you experiencing low self-esteem or have an interest in the topic? 
Come along to our self-esteem workshops delivered in the Ipswich community. Please click here to find out more information and to register.  or contact PHOEBE directly on 01473 231566 to find out more information.

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