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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Young People Say...

Feedback from Young People we have worked with...


"You can become friends with anyone if you just get to know them."

"I’ve learnt to always make sure I am safe when I am having fun."

"Meeting new people is cool!"

"It’s great meeting people who share the same interests and have the same growing up environment! Brilliant!"

"It’s a great way to see my friends and have fun."

"I have learnt to listen to others."

"It helps me to remember my culture and homeland."

"I’ve learnt it is important respect people no matter where they are from."

"I have learnt about the bad way youths are shown in the media and how it can influence you."

"No matter what, always try to be friendly, make friends and respect the rules."

"I got to experience things I have never experienced before."

"You must know your past."

"Don’t let no one bring you down by being racist."

"Black people are very successful and discovered lots of things."

"Stand up for yourself!"

"Young people should get involved and make a difference!"

"Stand up for other children who get bullied because of the colour of their skin."

"I have learnt about the strength and bravery of people who fight racism."

"That we Africans should be strong, stop racism and be proud of what we are."

Young people taking part in hip hop dance at the beginning of the project in 2007. The group was known as Zimbabwe Youth Project and was initially funded by Suffolk County Council, Youth Opportunity Funds.

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