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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Phoebe history

PHOEBE was founded by a group of Zimbabwean Social workers in 2007, with the help of of over 30 excited young Zimbabweans. It began as a children's project, known as the Zimbabwe Youth Project, initially funded by Suffolk County Council's Youth Opportunities funds.

The project's initial aims were to eliminate negative stereotypes about black youth through educating youth about Zimbabwe and southern Africa using themed poetry and drama workshops, and at the same time assisting integration process and race equality awareness of Zimbabwean youth.
The project was aimed at young Zimbabwean youth and their friends from different cultures to share ideas and enjoy life in a safe environment. We felt this group of children is particularly vulnerable to forming and joining groups which may have negatively influence their childhood development. They are vulnerable to joining in groups which engage in substance misuse, loitering and becoming school drop outs.

The Zimbabwe Youth Project encouraged youth to be positive and remain safe whilst still enjoying their youth. Their sense of wanting to belong to the wrong crowd was discouraged because mixing with peers from the same ethnic background increased their confidence and they learnt to take control of their lives. The overall aim of the project was to encourage the youth to take pride in their identity and celebrate their ethnicity as Africans.
The project then grew to became the Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre, which had the aims as PHOEBE does today. We had to change our name because we supported women from a vast multicultural mix, hence Promotion of Health, Opportunity, Equality, Benevolence and Empowerment of immigrant women has been our work since then
Mayor visit to Phoebe
Mayor visit to Phoebe

ESOL Class
ESOL Class

Zimbabwe Youth Club
Zimbabwe Youth Club

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