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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Helping women affected by domestic violence

  • Phoebe offers emotional health support for immigrant women affected by domestic violence.


  • The consequences of domestic violence are many; they include depression, low self- esteem and a sense of powerlessness. We are here to listen, help and support you.


  • We can provide you with one-to-one counselling to help you start to rebuild your confidence in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.


  • Our counsellors – all women - students counsellers from University Campus Suffolk and Matrix. They are professional in giving women the specialist support you need to cope if you are feeling depressed, bad about yourself, confused and unsure about how to deal with the things happening in your life.


  • Phoebe counselling gives you the time and space to talk, in confidence.

Please call us on - 01473 231566 to book an appointment.

Power and control Tactics Used Against Immigrant women

The following describes, some of the ways in which immigrant women are abused and highlights the different areas of casework that PHOEBE centre is involved in.

Power and Control Wheel(For Immigrant Women)
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wheel Final 


  •  Hiding or destroying important papers (i.e. her passport, her children's passports, ID cards, health care cards, etc.)
  •  Destroying the only property that she brought with her from her home country.
  •  Destroying photographs of her family members.
  •  Threatening persons who serve as a source of support for her.
  •  Threatening to do or say something that will shame her family or cause them to lose face.
  •  Threatening to divulge family secrets.



  •  Isolating her from friends, or family members.
  •  Isolating her from persons who speak her language.
  •  Not allowing her to learn English or not allowing her  to communicate in a language she is fluent in.
  •  Being the only person through whom she can communicat in English.
  •  Reading her mail and not allowing her to use the telephone.
  •  Strictly timing all her grocery trips and other travel times.
  •  Not allowing her to continue to meet with social workers and other support persons.
  •  Cutting off her subscriptions to or destroying newspapers and other support magazines.
  •  Not allowing her to meet with people who speak her language or who are from her community, culture, or country.

Minimizing, Denying, Blaming:

  • Convincing her that his violent actions are not criminal unless they occur in public.
  • Telling her that he is allowed to physically punish her because he is the "man."
  • Blaming her for the breakup of the family, if she leaves him because of the violence.
  • Telling her that she is responsible for the violence because she did not do as he wished.

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