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Promotion of Health, Opportunity
Equality, Benevolence & Empowerment
for black and ethnic minority
women and children

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Domestic Violence Stories

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or believe that you have noticed signs of domestic violence against a loved one, it can be difficult to decide what steps you should take next. We hope that the domestic violence stories that we provide from our clients who have managed to escape the cycle of domestic abuse will encourage you to contact us and seek similar advice in support in a difficult situation. As a committed domestic violence charity, we are highly experienced in assisting women, whether they require counselling or a safe haven.

Immigrant Women's Voices


"I would not be able to describe my gratitude towards you and all the staff members of ZWRC in words as you have done more than what I was expecting when I contacted 1st to your office and then came to your refuge. That time as you know was very very sensitive and stressful for me. I was very scared and miserable but the moment we entered in the flat given by you to stay with one more person - her name Stella who has become a good friend of mine now. The feeling was really very nice the moment we started to live in your refuge. You prayed for us and slowly by gods grace and ZWRC support I could overcome all the difficulties of my life. Not only just the accommodation, but support in terms of counselling and also your continual help and encouragement made me strong and made me believe in myself again. I was completely broken when I moved to refuge but your organisation helped me to lift up my spirits and move on confidently and happily.The way you (zwrc) were cheering up women like us was amazing. I became strong and confident and as a result of that I was always enthusiastic and proactively encouraging other womens in the refuge that things will be fine for us because I believed in you and every word of yours. You were our strength and hope at that very emotional and sensitive phrase of our life. I am glad that I came to ZWRC and the continuous support from you and all the staff members was really making me comfortable."



"I learned and achieved so much in those 40 days of my life living in ZWRC's refuge. Counselling made me realise my inner qualities and value of myself. Many thanks to the counsellor in ZWRC. I have become a strong person now and the day I got to know that I got my ILR - I was over the moon because I was all the time tense about my immigration matters and worried about what will happen to my life if I had to go back to my country? Life was miserable at times and I could not stop worrying but you comforted me. I can never forget what you did for me. Many thanks to you and also to each and every staff member for being there in my bad times. I was destitute and depressed. I have not only received support from you but also found good friends and felt like a family . I am so proud of ZWRC for all their hard work and sincere efforts they are putting in to help victims of domestic violence. Now my life is moving on, I live in a 1 bedroom flat and have also enrolled in a college for business administration course to upgrade my skills. Today, whatever I am - would not have been possible without the kind support from ZWRC and your encouragement. Tons of Thanks to you....


God bless you and all the very best to ZWRC.


Wish to see you soon. Miss you all and those nice doughnuts in your office. How can I forget to mention about the food part... that help also we were getting from you often. Those food tins and eggs.. and my favorite doughnuts... Love you for everything you did for us. May God give you all the happiness of the world. Take care and keep in touch."


Shelter from Abuse
Fleeing from domestic violence? We can help you and your children find a safe place

We are committed to helping improve the lives of BME women and children suffering from domestic abuse. Our centre provides advice sessions and workshops run by specialists who can offer assistance relating to domestic violence cases, immigration status, health, welfare benefits and more. Women from all cultures and backgrounds are welcome, we have worked with women from China, all parts of Africa, India, the Philipines.
In 2010, we opened some safe houses where women fleeing domestic violence could seek shelter. However, due to difficulty in funding, we were unable to sustain these houses, hence we work in partnership with other women's organisations which offer shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

We also:

  • Help victims access their benefits e.g. housing, child or income support

  • Help source legal advice and representation

  • Provide free confidential counselling services

  • Provide drop-in and telephone support and advocacy for all

  • Provide opportunities for victims to improve their self-esteem, self-worth, social and economic situations

  • Create understandings between agencies about the problem of domestic violence within the community

  • Advocate on behalf of female victims with no public funds

The team of social workers and volunteers at our women’s centre are kind, compassionate and understand the complexities of domestic violence and the on-going psychological effects. We will work closely with you to help you feel safe again and begin the difficult process of rebuilding your life.

If you need to escape from domestic violence or need to protect your children from an abusive partner, visit our drop-in centre or contactus today on 01473 231 566  or email admin@phoebecentre.org.uk, to speak with one of our qualified social workers.

'A Helper of Many'

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