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ESOL Skills for Life: Entry 2

Exam Structure Summary

Speaking & Listening (Oral interview with Trinity examiner)
1. Individual Component (up to 8 mins)

    • Task 1: Exchange of information about daily routine, study, work (up to 3 mins)

    • Task 2: Short account of recent past activity (up to 2 mins)

    • Task 3: Role play – making requests (up to 3 mins)

1. Group Component (up to 10 mins)

    • Task 4: Likes and dislikes in familiar contexts (up to 10 mins)

Reading (Reading exam taken under controlled exam conditions)
1. Short answer reading paper (20 items)

    • Task 1: Instructional/chronological text (10 items)

    • Task 2: Records of personal data (5 items)

    • Task 3: Public information texts, e.g. signs, notices, lists (5 items)

Total time allowed: 45 mins

Writing (Writing exam taken under controlled exam conditions)
1. Writing paper (2 tasks)

    • Task 1: Write a short record of a single personal past experience (e.g. writing about a past experience related to a hobby) (approx. 80 words)

    • Task 2: Write an informal description of a person or place (e.g. a note to someone describing the appearance of a friend you want them to meet from the station) (approx. 80 words)

Total time allowed: 40 mins

Entry 2 Pass Marks

Total Possible Marks

Pass Mark

Speaking and Listening









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