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ESOL Skills for Life: Entry 1

Exam Structure Summary

Speaking & Listening (Oral interview with Trinity examiner)
1. Individual Component (up to 7 mins)

    • Task 1: Exchange of personal information (up to 4 mins)

    • Task 2: Instructions and directions (up to 3 mins)

Reading (Reading exam taken under controlled exam conditions)
1. Short answer reading paper (15 items)

    • Task 1: Simple narrative (10 items)

    • Task 2: Signs and symbols (5 items)

Total time allowed: 30 mins

Writing (Writing exam taken under controlled exam conditions)
1. Writing paper (2 tasks)

    • Task 1: Write a text giving basic personal details (e.g. complete a form) (approx. 30 words)

    • Task 2: Write a brief message giving details of present activities (e.g. a postcard) (approx. 30 words)

Total time allowed: 20 mins

Entry 1 Pass Marks

Total Possible Marks

Pass Mark

Speaking and Listening









ESOL Skills for Life: Entry 3
Thursday, 24 January 2019
Exam Structure Summary Speaking & Listening (Oral interview with Trinity examiner)1. Individual Component (up to 8 mins) Task 1: Exchange of information, comparing people and places (up to 3 mins) Task 2: Narration of a simple story (factual or fictional) (up to 2 mins) Task 3: Role play – giving information in a formal context (up to 3 mins) 2. Group... Read more...
D V Frequently askd questions
Monday, 11 January 2016
    Is your partner (husband, boyfriend, or "ex") extremely jealous and does he discourage you from speaking to friends or family? Does he prevent you from getting a job or learning English? Has your partner ever threatened to take away your children? Has he told you that he will have you deported?Have you ever been hit by your partner? Has he... Read more...
News about Phoebe
Wednesday, 15 May 2019
Supporting B&ME victims – what the data shows   Last month saw the first national Day of Memory to commemorate victims of “honour”-based violence and abuse. Karma Nirvana, thecharity behind the event, reports that at least 12 women a year are known to have been killed as a result of “honour”-based violence in the UK, although the true... Read more...
Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence
Wednesday, 13 February 2019
To address violence against women in migrant and refugee communities, we must recognize the unique challenges facing immigrant and refugee women as they struggle for safety in this country. While progress has been made to develop services, enacting protective laws, and educating communities on addressing the issue of intimate partner violence in the United... Read more...

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